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 U.S. Relations and Policy: Middle East and Central Asia
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
U.S. Participation in Sinai Accord Approved1975
Reagan Sends Aid, Troops to Lebanon1982
Presidential Statement: Reagan Speech on the Middle East1982
Presidential Address: Fairness, Security, 5-Year Plan Top Bush's Mideast List1991
President Eisenhower Presents Mideast Doctrine to Congress1957
Oil Import Policies1973
Mideast Policy Still Being Shaped After War1991
Middle East War1967
Middle East Policy1970
Message to Congress: Trumanon the Greek Situation1947
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Discusses the Situation in Lebanon1958
Lawmakers Vote To Develop Trade With Asian Nations Along Historic ‘Silk Road’1999
Lawmakers Toughen Iran Sanctions2012
Israel Ties Boosted1983
Iraq, Syria Policy: Cash and Wary2014
India's Modi Touts Growing U.S. Ties And Glosses Over Areas of Discord2016
Congress Backs Jet Sales to Arabs1978
Clashes With Libya Renew War Powers Debate1986
A Reluctant Congress Adopts Lebanon Policy1983
“Eisenhower Doctrine” for the Middle East1957