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 U.S. Relations and Policy: East and South Asia
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
'Normalization' of U.S.-China Relations1979
Aid for Pakistan1987
Aid to Korea1949
Bangladesh Recognition1972
China Bills, Laws And Policies1949
China Branded As Aggressor1951
China Resolution1961
Chinese Nuclear Accord1985
Developments in China Studied1966
Food for India1967
Foreign Aid: Senate Rejection of 24-Year Program1971
Hill Backs Nuclear Deal With India2008
India Aid1951
Japan Makes Some Concessions on Trade1990
Japanese Security Treaty1960
Korean Mutual Defense Treaty1954
MacArthur Recall — Far East Policy1951
Mutual Security1954
Naturalization of Natives of India1945
North Korea Tests a Hydrogen Bomb And New U.S. Sanctions Soon Follow2016
Pact with Japan1960
Pakistan Sanctions Waiver Clears2001
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Foreign Policy Report1971
Presidential Statement: Carter's Request to Congress for Aid to Korea1977
Relations with China Deteriorate1995
South Asia Mission1959
Text Of President's Speech On Vietnam Peace Proposals1969
U.S. Suspects North Korea Of Nuclear Arms Capacity1993
U.S.-Pakistan Relations Strained; Aid Frozen1990
Vietnam Trade Agreement Clears2001
Wheat For Pakistan1953