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 Supreme Court Justice Nominations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Confirmation of Burton as Associate Supreme Court Justice1945
Vinson Confirmed as Chief Justice1946
Clark Nomination1949
Minton Nomination1949
Chief Justice Confirmation1954
Supreme Court Nominees1960
Thurgood Marshall Becomes First Negro Justice1967
Attempt to Stop Fortas Debate Fails By 14-Vote Margin1968
Johnson News Conference1968
Nixon Fills Chief Justice, Other Top Positions1969
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Nominates Burger1969
Senate Rejects Haynsworth Nomination to Court1969
Blackmun Unanimously Confirmed for Supreme Court1970
Carswell Nomination to Court Rejected by Senate1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Statements on Carswell Nomination Rejection1970
Court Nominees: Powell and Rehnquist Confirmed1971
Supreme Court Choice Easily Approved1975
Justice Stevens Reinforces Court Moderates1976
O'Connor: First Woman on Supreme Court1981
Rehnquist, Scalia Win Senate Confirmation1986
Presidential Address: Reagan Asks for Public Help to Get Senate to Confirm Bork1987
Presidential Statement: Reagan Nominates Kennedy1987
Reagan Fills Court Vacancy on Third Attempt1987
Senate Confirms Souter for High Court1990
Clarence Thomas Wins Senate Confirmation1991
Thomas Spars With Committee Over Natural Law, Abortion1991
Thomas, Hill Make Statements As Panel Begins Hearings1991
Anita Hill Leak Inquiry Unsuccessful1992
Ginsburg Easily Wins Seat on High Court1993
Nomination Hearings: Ginsburg Adroit, Amiable But Avoids Specifics1993
Presidential News Conference: Clinton nominates Ginsburg to Supreme Court1993
Breyer Gets Warm Reception From Senate Judiciary1994
Centrist Justice Easily Confirmed1994
Senate Duty Swayed Decision About Court, Mitchell Says1994
Bush Drops Miers, Picks Alito for Court2005
Roberts Confirmed as Chief Justice Following Rehnquist's Death2005
Roberts Opens With 'No Agenda'2005
Alito Easily Wins Seat on High Court After Opponents' Efforts Fizzle2006
Sotomayor is Sworn in as First Hispanic Justice on High Court2009
Elena Kagan Confirmed, Putting Three Women on Supreme Court2010
Republicans Block Obama Nominee To Succeed Conservative Justice Scalia2016
Republicans Hold Senate Majority and Gear Up for Supreme Court Battle2016
Change to Filibuster for Supreme Court Nominees Highlights Rules Revisions2017
Gorsuch Confirmed to Supreme Court2017