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 Savings and Loan Industry
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Thrift Crisis Debated, but Little Action Taken1988
Thrift Cleanup Financing Provisions1993
Thrift Bailout Fund Replenished Twice1991
Sweeping Thrift Bailout Bill Cleared1989
Savings, Loan Branches1954
Savings and Loan Takeovers1980
Savings and Loan Aid, Banking Law Changes1982
S&L Bailout Funding Dries Up1992
S & L Holding Companies1967
Plan to Bolster Thrift Fund Dies1995
Lincoln Savings Scandal Examined in Hearings1989
Interest Rates on Deposits at Banks Limited1966
Interest On Savings Deposits1973
Hill Votes More Funds for Thrift Bailout1993
GOP Wins Passage of Banking Bill1996
Federal Savings Banks1967
Fears About S&L Insurance Fund Spur Rescue1987
Dodd-Frank Survives GOP Attacks2012
Bill To Add Thrift Bailout Funds Dies1990
Aid for Savings & Loans1981