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 Republican Platforms
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
GOP Uses Congressional Review Act To Undo Obama-Era Regulations2017
Prosperity, Self Government And ‘Moral Clarity’1996
Republican Party Issues Detailed, Long Platform1988
Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform1984
1980 Republican Platform Text1980
Text of 1976 Republican Platform1976
Complete Text of the 1968 Republican Platform1968
Complete Text of 1964 Republican Platform1964
1964 Platform Turns GOP Sharply to Right1964
Republicans Adopt 1960 Platform after Conflicts … Nixon and Rockefeller Agree on “14 Points”1960
Complete Text of 1960 Republican Platform1960
Republicans Adopt Platform by Voice Vote1956
The 1952 Republican Platform1952
Platforms vs. Performance1951