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 Redistricting and Gerrymandering
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Supreme Court Ruling: Supreme Court Rules Against Race-Based Redistricting1995
Supreme Court Opens Door to Districting Litigation1962
State Apportionment Plan Loses in Senate1965
Senate lets Reapportionment Ruling Stand1966
Redrawn Minority Districts Face Challenges1993
Redistricting Still Troubles Several States1994
Redistricting Has Mixed Results for GOP2005
Redistricting Bitter Disappointment to GOP1982
Reapportionment Actions Follow 1962 Court Decision1963
Minority Districts1997
GOP Pushes More Redistricting2003
Courts Continue to Challenge Minority Districts1996
Court Reapportionment Decree Challenged1964
Court Decision May Invalidate Race-Based District Maps1995
Court Arguments1962
Constitutional Convention1969
Congressional Restricting1969
Congress Fails to Adopt House District Standards1967
Census Sets Battle Lines for Redistricting1990
At Least 15 States to Use New District Plans in 19681967
Aftermath of Decision1962
1965 Redistricting in 17 States1965
‘One Man, One Vote’ Ruling Strengthened1969