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‘Gray Market’ for Drugs1987
‘Gray Market’ for Drugs1988
‘Orphan’ Drug Bill1985
Animal-Drug Patents1988
Attempts To Revise Orphan Drug Law Stall1992
Barbiturate Abuse1972
Barbiturate Abuse1971
Bush Pocket-Vetoes Orphan Drug Measure1990
Congress Completes ‘Cures’ Bill To Speed Up Drug Approval Process2016
Congress Tightens Drug Regulations1962
Congress Votes Controls on Barbiturates, Amphetamines1965
Contentious Cases Fill Court's Docket2017
DES Ban1972
Details of the FDA Overhaul2007
Drug Controls1966
Drug Dumping Examined1984
Drug Export Ban1985
Drug Industry1970
Drug Industry Inquiry1974
Drug Law Reform1978
Drug Listing1972
Drug Listing Act1971
Drug Regulation1975
Drug Regulation1973
Drug Safety at Heart of FDA Rewrite2007
FDA Bill Wins Bipartisan Backing2012
FDA gains new tracking authority2013
FDA Given Authority Over Generic-Drug Industry1991
Federal Drug Purchasing1971
Generic Animal Drugs1986
Generic Drugs1973
Generic-Drug Approval Process Tightened1992
House Rejects Heroin Bill1984
House Votes to Allow Drug Imports2003
House-Passed Bill Looks To Insurers for Drug Plans; No Parallel Bill in the Senate2000
Incentives for ‘Orphan Drug’ Makers Voted1982
Individual Drug Imports Permitted2006
Lengthy Hearings Held on the Cost of Drugs1967
Medicare Drug Coverage Stalls2001
Medicare Drug Price Bill Blocked2007
Mood Drugs1971
New Controls Proposed for Drug Industry1961
No Deal on Prescription Benefit2002
Orphan-Drug Legislation1988
Orphan-Drug Legislation1987
Pharmaceutical Trade1970
Senate Seeks to Lower Drug Prices2002
Senate Votes To Tighten Controls On Dangerous Drugs1964
Stalemate on Drug Importation2004
Streamlining Process of Approving Drugs Is Goal of Bipartisan House Legislation2015
Subcommittee Investigates Drug Prices1960