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 Patent Laws
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Patent Office Fees1964
Patent Policy1965
Patent Policy1966
Patent Law Revision1967
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Patent Reform1973
Patent Law Revision1976
Carter Patent Law Proposal1979
Small Business Patents1979
Patent Law Amendments1980
Patent Term Extension1981
Patent Fee Restructuring1982
Patent Term Extension Dies1982
Generic Drug Legislation Cleared by Congress1984
Patent Law Revisions1984
Patent Fee Curb1985
Patent Process Protection1986
Patent Office Reauthorized1988
Space Patent Law Enacted1990
Patent and Trademark Office Reauthorized1991
States Denied Immunity From Patent Penalties1992
Group Loses Patent for Confederate Insignia1993
Patent Bills Left Unfinished1994
Patent, Copyright Legislation1995
Patent Overhaul Sparks Lively Debate1997
Lawmakers Vote To Overhaul Patent Process, Expedite Publication of Applications1999
Patent Exclusivity Plan Extended2001
Patent Rewrite Held Up in Senate2007
Congress Clears Patent Law Rewrite2011
Patent Litigation Overhaul Advances2013
Patent ‘Troll’ Bill Slow off the Mark2015