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 Nuclear Waste Management
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Nuclear Waste Disposal1979
Congress Fails to Set Nuclear Waste Policy1980
Presidential Statement: Carter's Nuclear Waste Program1980
Nuclear Waste Disposal Bills Reported1981
Comprehensive Nuclear Waste Plan Enacted1982
Nuclear Waste Sites1984
Low-Level Nuclear-Waste Bill Clears Congress1985
Nevada Chosen to Receive Nuclear Waste1987
Energy Prodded Hill on Nuclear Waste Issue1991
Yucca Mountain Dump Site Still Debated1991
Nuclear Waste Dump Gets Cautious Nod1992
Bill Aims at Limiting Dumping Of Radioactive Waste1994
House Puts Stop to Texas Plans for Radioactive Waste Dump1995
Plan to Store Nuclear Waste Stalls1995
Nevadans Postpone Dump Site Bill1996
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Stalls in House1996
Nevada Waste Site Plan Again Stalls1997
Tri-State Radioactive Waste Pact Gets House Endorsement1997
Senate Postpones Action On Nuclear Waste Storage Until Second Session1999
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Claims Nuclear Waste Bill Would Halt New EPA Radiation Standards2000
Bush, Hill Back Nuclear Waste Site2002
Brownfields Program Is Reauthorized2017
Yucca Mountain Proponents Advance Policy Bill; Spending Push Falls Short2017