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 Military Aid and Arms Sales: Latin America
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Message to Congress: Truman Military Aid to Latin America1947
Latin America1969
Military Aid to Latin America1969
Aid to El Salvador1981
Aid, Arms to Guatemala1983
El Salvador Aid Approved — With Strings1983
Kissinger Commission1983
2nd FY '84 Supplemental Hikes El Salvador Aid1984
Congress Curtails Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels1984
Congress Gives Reagan Aid for El Salvador1984
Hill Rejects Multi-Year Central America Aid1984
Kissinger Panel Recommends Major Aid Package1984
Congress Balks at Salvador Police Aid Proposal1985
Congress Votes to Resume Nicaragua Rebel Aid1985
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Letter to Rep. Dave McCurdy On Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels1985
Presidential Statement: Bush Seeks Partners On Latin America Plan1989