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 Maritime Transportation
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Atomic ‘Peace Ship’1955
Bills Seek To Jump-Start Shipping Industry1993
Confirmation of McKeogh as Maritime Commissioner1945
Congress Considers Future of U.S. Merchant Fleet1967
Dual-Rate Shipping Law1961
Great Lakes Shipping1950
House Sinks Cargo Preference Bill1977
Icebreaker Down Payment Included in Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill2016
Maritime Administration1992
Maritime Arbitration1963
Maritime Authorization1968
Maritime Authorization1983
Maritime Authorization1975
Maritime Authorization1984
Maritime Authorization1976
Maritime Authorization1980
Maritime Authorization1978
Maritime Authorization1977
Maritime Authorization1970
Maritime Authorization1972
Maritime Authorization1971
Maritime Authorization1973
Maritime Authorization1974
Maritime Authorizations1967
Maritime Commission1989
Maritime Legislation1987
Maritime Rebating1979
Maritime Subsidies1969
Maritime Subsidy Programs1981
Maritime Supplemental1971
Maritime Transfer1981
Maritime Veto1986
Merchant Marine1953
Merchant Marine Program1970
Merchant Ship Sales1945
Passenger Ship Safety1966
Rebating Bill Vetoed1978
Related Maritime Affairs1950
Senate Takes No Action On Maritime Board1994
Ship Sales, Charters1950
Ship Subsidy Continued; Policy Revision Stalled1965
Shipbuilding Aid1952
Shipbuilding Subsidies1968
Shipping Bill Dies in Senate Waters1994
Shipping Subsidies1949
Shipping Subsidies1950
Superliner Construction1958
U.S. Passenger Ships1972
War-Risk Sea Insurance1950