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 Job Training and Youth Employment Opportunities
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Youth Conservation Corps1959
Final Action on Manpower Retraining Bill Deferred1961
Youth Training1961
Manpower Retraining Legislation Enacted1962
Youth Training1962
House Rules Committee Blocks Youth Employment Bill1963
Manpower Training Act Amendments Passed1963
Job Opportunities1968
Youth Conservation Corps1969
Veto of Manpower Training Bill Upheld By Senate1970
Summer Jobs for Youth1972
Compromise Manpower Training and Jobs Bill Cleared1973
Young Adult Jobs Program1976
Manpower Programs (CETA)1977
Presidential Statement: Carter on Youth Employment1977
Youth Employment1977
CETA Jobs Act Extended1978
CETA Youth Jobs Programs1981
Job Training Expanded1986
House Moves To Renew Job-Training Act1991
Congress Overhauls 1982 Job Training Act1992
Veterans' Job Training1992
House Passes High School Job-Training Bill1993
Retraining Initiative Stalls1994
Lawmakers Aim to Consolidate Job Training Programs1995
Support Collapses For Job Training1996
No Agreement on Training Bills1997
Congress Clears Legislation to Consolidate More Than 60 Job Training Programs1998
‘Ideological’ Gap Stalls Jobs Overhaul2013
Parties Agree on Worker Training Bill2014
… But Update of Related Program For Career Training Is Passed by House2017