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 Intelligence Spending, Operations and Oversight
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Long-Delayed Intelligence Bill Clears 
Congressional Concern with Intelligence Community Rises1963
Senate Rejects Broadening of Oversight of CIA1966
Groups Channeling, Receiving Assistance From CIA1967
CIA Reports1972
U.S. Intelligence Agencies Probed in 19751975
Controls Sought on Domestic Intelligence1976
Divided Intelligence Panel Issues Final Report1976
Senate Establishes Intelligence Panel1976
U.S. Intelligence Agencies1977
U.S. Intelligence Agencies1978
New Guidelines for Oversight of CIA Enacted1980
Intelligence Authorization1981
Intelligence Authorization for Classified Projects Restricts Aid to Contras1985
Fonds for Intelligence Agencies Trimmed1987
Intelligence Authorization, CIA Watchdog Dispute1989
Fiscal 1992 Intelligence Authorization1991
Congress Freezes Intelligence Budget1993
Intelligence Agencies Face Review1994
Intelligence Agencies Escape Ax1995
Intelligence Bottom Line Disclosed1997
Lawmakers Boost Spending For Intelligence-Gathering Agencies, Drug War1999
Sept. 11 Commission Recommends Alternatives for Congressional Oversight Of Intelligence Operations2004
Restricting CIA Stalls Intelligence Bill2007
Bush Prevails on FISA Overhaul2008
Full-Year Homeland Bill Enacted2008
Veto Threats Halt Intelligence Bill2008
Bush Vetoes FY '08 Intelligence Bill2008
Veto Threats Over Executive Powers Stall Intelligence Authorization Bill2009
Intelligence Law Is First in Six Years2011
Drama Minimal on Intelligence Bill2012
No Laws Come Out of Cyber Debate2012
Surveillance Law Extended Five Years2012
Nsa Scrutiny Stalls Intelligence Bill2013
Nsa Spying: Outrage but No Laws2013
Two Intelligence Bills Enacted in One Year2014
Cybersecurity and Intelligence Bills Cleared with Year-End Omnibus2015
Held Up By Hidden Policy Differences Intelligence Bill Is Carried Over to 20172016
Intelligence Authorization for Fiscal 2017 Clears, but Not Fiscal 20182017