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 Immigration: Illegal Immigration and Deportation
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
$692.1 Billion Defense Authorization Increases ‘End Strength,’ Adds Warships2017
After Immigrant Charged with Murder, GOP Seeks to Punish ‘Sanctuary Cities’2015
Alien Detention1950
Bill Would Let Salvadorans, Nicaraguans Stay1987
Deportation Limitations Stall1988
Dispute Over Border Wall Funding Slows Progress on Appropriations2017
GOP Relaxes Stance on Immigration1997
Homeland Security: Border Wall Would Get Its First Bricks2017
House Border Bill Pleases Neither Party2015
House Seeks to Tighten Borders2005
House-Passed 'Real ID Act' Folded Into Supplemental Spending Bill2005
Illegal Aliens1977
Illegal Aliens1975
Immigration Bill Provisions1996
Immigration Rewrite Dies in Senate2007
Issues of Abortion, Immigration Both At Play in D.C. Circuit Court Ruling2017
Knauff Case1950
Nazi War Criminals1978
Obama Wins Border War for Now2014
Opponents in Immigration Debate Unable to Win or Reach a Compromise2016
Plans Laid to Curb Immigration1995
Presidential News Conference: Clinton announces policy on illegal immigration1993
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Illegal Aliens Legislation1977
Senate Passes Immigration Overhaul2013
Senate Votes to Revamp Immigration Laws1985
Subversive Aliens1950
Undoing Obama's Immigration Order Is Easier Promised Than Performed2015
White House Calls the Shots, As Illegal Alien Bill Clears1996