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$8 Billion Added to Highway Fund2008
13 - Year Highway Program1956
55 MPH Speed Limit, Higher Truck Weights Voted1974
A Stop-and-Go Year for Highway Law2009
Automobile and Highway Safety Programs Implemented1967
Carter Signs $54 Billion Highway Bill1978
Compromise Highway Bill Completed After Two-Year Clash2005
Congress Authorizes Highway Construction Funds1966
Congress Clears Compromise Highway Bill1976
Congress Extends Interstate Highway System1970
Congress Finds the Passing Gear for First Long-Term Road Bill in Years2015
Congress Votes Additional Highway Funds1961
Debate Centers on Highway Funding2008
Federal Aid To Roads1952
Federal Aid-To-Highways1950
Federal Highway Aid1954
Federal Highways, Billboard Regulation1958
Federal Road Aid Extended Despite D.C. Project Dispute1968
Highway Act Extension sent to Conference1975
Highway Authorizations1962
Highway Beautification Act of 19651965
Highway Beauty Bill Fails, Funding Authority Expires1967
Highway Bill Passes Over Reagan's Veto1987
Highway Bill Showdown Postponed1997
Highway Compromise Cleared by Congress1981
Highway Construction1975
Highway Funding Snarled1983
Highway Funding Stalled for Second Year1984
Highway Funds Authorized; Probe Starts1960
Highway Funds Meet Roadblocks1994
Highway Program1959
Highway Programs1969
Highway Proposals1955
Highway Reauthorization Dies Amid Disputes1986
Highways, Mass Transit Funded1991
Lack of House Quorum Kills Highway Aid Compromise1972
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Congressional Action to Preserve Natural Beauty in Cities and Countryside1965
National Highway System Bill Clears1995
President Kennedy's Message on Outlining Highway Program1961
Presidential Statement: Ford's Highway Safety1975
Still No Agreement on Highways2004
Taxes Hiked to Finance Roads, Mass Transit1982
Transportation Law Benefits Those Who Held The Purse Strings1998
Unable to Pass Long-Term Road Bill, Congress Instead Takes a Short Cut2014