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 Health Services for Children
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Abandoned Babies1988
Attempt to Override SCHIP Veto Fails2008
Child Health Plan1983
Child Health Program1977
Child Health Program1978
Child Nutrition Legislation Cleared2010
Children's Aid Bills Considered in 1991: Disability, Abandonment Covered1991
Children's Health Program Lapses For Two Months Before Renewal2017
Congress Reauthorizes Popular WIC Program1989
CRIB Death Research1973
Crisis Nurseries1988
Democrats Unable to Overcome Bush Vetoes of Child Health Bills2007
Disabilities Prevention Bill1990
Handicapped Children1968
House Passes Child Health Assurance Bill1979
Infant Death Syndrome1974
Infant Death Syndrome1972
Infant Formula Marketing1981
Infant Formula Regulation1986
Infant Formula Standards1980
Infant Mortality Report1988
Infant-Health Bills Pass1987
Lawmakers Clear Package Of Initiatives Aimed at Improving Children's Health2000
Lead Paint Poisoning1970
Lead Poisoning Rules Enacted Into Law1992
Lead-Based Paint Poisoning1972
Maternal Child Health Programs1972
President Rejects 2nd SCHIP Bill2007
SCHIP Veto: ‘Wrong Direction'2007
Supreme Court Ruling Finds Health Care Law Constitutional2012
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Reauthorized; Nutrition Aid Expanded For Low-Income Children1998