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 Health Care Costs
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Health Costs Taft and Murray Bills1948
Health Hearings1954
Medical Costs1967
Congress Revises Health Planning Programs1974
Health Planning Guidelines1977
Hospital Cost Control Legislation Dies1978
Health Planning System Extended for 3 Years1979
House Kills Carter Hospital Cost Control Plan1979
Presidential Statement: Carter on Hospital Cost Containment1979
Health Planning System1981
Health Program Spending Cut by 25 Percent1981
Health Planning System1982
Health Planning1983
Health Planning Program1985
Health Planning Grants1990
Landmark Health Care Overhaul: A Long, Acrimonious Journey2009
GOP Calls for Affordable Overhaul2009
Obama Outlines Health Care Plan2009
Health Care Overhaul Makes History for Obama, Democratic Congress2010
Health Care Overhaul's Key Provisions2010
Cuts to Health Care Overhaul Limited2011
Supreme Court Ruling Finds Health Care Law Constitutional2012
Demise of GOP Health Care Bill Shows The Limits of Unified Government2017
Provisions of House Health Care Bill2017