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 General Public Health Measures
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International Health Organization1945
Health Proposals in the 79th Congress1946
Health Department1952
Health Grants1954
12 - Part Health Program Enacted1956
President Calls for ‘Further’ Health Steps1956
International Health1960
Public Health Grants1960
President Kennedy's Message on Health and Hosptial Care1961
Kennedy Health Program1962
Omnibus Health Care Message Asks Medical Aid for Aged1962
Advances Made in Health Program1963
Kennedy Describes “Random Village” to Newspaper Editors1963
Message to Congress: Kennedy Requests Broad Health Program1963
Community Health Programs1965
Congress Achieves Substantial Health Record in 19651965
International Health1966
Message to Congress: on World Health and Education1966
State Health Services1966
Health Agencies Scored by House Reports1967
Partnership For Health Bill Includes Rat Control Funds1967
Rat Control Rejected1967
Congress Probes Health Field, Expands Programs1968
Congress Completes Little Action In Health Field1969
Dry Cereals1970
Health Council1970
Medical Programs Extension1970
D.C. Sickle Cell1971
Dental Health1971
Sickle Cell Anemia1971
92nd Congress Compiles Respectable Health Record1972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Requests Action on Three Health Care Programs1972
12 Health Programs Extended Through Fiscal 19741973
Health Policy 1973: Overview1973
Arthritis Prevention1974
Health Policy 1974: Overview1974
Health Services Programs1974
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Health Care1974
Congress Overrides Health Services Veto1975
Disease Control Programs1975
Health Policy, 1975 Overview1975
Disease Control1976
Health Block Grants1976
Health Policy 1976: Overview1976
Presidential Statement: Ford Proposes Health Block Grants1976
Major Health Programs Extended1977
Health Promotion1982
Risk Analysis Legislation1982
Health Emergency Fund1983
Health Promotion1984
Reauthorization for Preventative Health Funding: Urban Health Care, Children's Health, and STD Prevention1984
Congress Clears Omnibus Health Legislation1986
Food and Drug Administration1986
Health Promotion Veto1986
Nutrition Monitoring1986
Omnibus Health Bill Clears1987
Senate Confirmation Required for Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)1987
Nutrition Monitoring1988
Consolidation and reorganization for Food and Drug Administration (FDA)1989
Nutrition Labeling1989
Disability, Alzheimer's Programs Considered in 19911991
Senate Tries To Delay Diet Supplement Rules1993
Measures on Rare Diseases, Medical Exports, Organ Donors and Substance Abuse Fail to Pass1995
FDA Overhaul Effort Falls Short1996
Bipartisan FDA Overhaul Enacted1997
Congressional Response to Zika Virus Takes Eight Months to Work Out2016