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 Fisheries and Aquaculture
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
U.S. Tuna Industry1978
U.S. Fish Processing Industry1978
U.S. Aquaculture Policy1978
Tuna Fisheries1972
Tuna Fish Tariff1951
Transfer of Hatcheries To States Approved; Fishing, Conservation Efforts in Atlantic increased1995
Seized Fishing Boats1972
Presidential Veto Message: Carter's Aquaculture Pocket Veto1978
North Pacific Fisheries1972
Labeling of ‘Dolphin-Safe’ Tuna Regulated1990
In Compromise, Fisheries Revamped2006
Illegal Fishing1970
House Moves to Protect Fishing Zones1995
Global Moratorium Sought On Drift Net Fishing1991
Four Major Fisheries Bills Passed in 19641964
Foreign Fishing Vessels1963
Foes Agree on Fishery Act Rewrite1996
Fishing Vessel Subsidies1959
Fishing Vessel Subsidies1960
Fishing Vessel Seizure1967
Fishing Vessel Seizure1968
Fishing Rules1979
Fishing Rights1968
Fishing Protocols1971
Fishing Limit1974
Fishing Fleet1969
Fishing Boat Subsidies1963
Fishing Bills1965
Fishing Bill to Implement Global Agreements1995
Fishermen's Protection Act1978
Fisheries Zone1966
Fisheries Research1954
Fisheries Research1968
Fisheries Research1963
Fisheries Promotion1980
Fisheries Inspection1969
Fish Conservation1974
Federal Fish Inspection1971
Dolphin Deal Sails Through Congress1997
Conservation of Fisheries1971
Commercial Fisheries1972
Anadromous Fish1970
‘Dolphin-Safe’ Tuna Bill Dies at Session's End1996