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 Financial Aid for Students
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With No Time Left for Higher Ed Bill, Congress Extends Perkins Loans2015
The Direct Approach to Student Loans1993
Tax Incentives Enacted For Higher Education1997
Students Loan Debt Left to Grow2014
Student Loans1969
Student Loans1983
Student Loan Measure Moves Quietly2010
Student Loan Interest Rate Extended2012
Scholarships Featured in College Aid Bill1965
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Higher Education1970
Perkins Student Loan Program Expires …2017
New Student Loan Rates Approved2013
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Extension of Education Programs1968
Legislation Shores Up Student Loans2008
House Passes Higher Education Authorization1985
House Passes Bill to Overhaul Federally Backed Student Lending2009
Higher Education Programs1979
Higher Education Act Reduces Interest Rates, Increases Grants1998
Health, Education Money Held Level2014
Five-Year Higher Education Bill Cleared1986
Federal Aid to Higher Education Extended for Nine Months2006
Congress Revamps College Aid Program2005
Congress Rejects Proposed Student Aid Cuts1982
Congress Extends Major Higher Education Programs1968
Congress Expands College Loan Eligibility1992
Congress Denies Student Rioters Federal School Aid1968
College Student Assistance1978
College Student Aid1981
Changes Made in Higher Education Programs1980
Aid to Higher, Vocational Education Revised1976
Action Postponed on Student-Loan Defaults1988
Action on Higher Education Bills Deferred to 19681967