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 Fertilizer and Pest Control
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Conflicts Doom Passage of Pesticide Bill1982
Congress Clears Pesticide Regulation Bill1975
Congress Speeds Up Pesticide Testing1988
Farm Chemical Patents Stalled1984
Federal Pesticides Rules1980
No Action Taken on Pesticide Regulation1993
Pesticide Authorization Veto1976
Pesticide Bill Stalls at Session's End1986
Pesticide Control Extension1979
Pesticide Proposal1989
Pesticide Reauthorization1983
Pesticide Regulations Relaxed for Processed Foods1996
Pesticide Rewrite Draws Wide Support1996
Pesticide Rules Remain Unchanged1992
Pesticide-Residue Regulation Shelved1990
Pesticides Marketing Bill1978
Pesticides Registration1977