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 Federal and Civil Service Employees
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Federal Employees Pay Act of 19451945
Pay Raises for Federal Employees1945
Federal Employees' loyalty Bill1947
Civil Service Retirement1948
Summary Dismissal Of U. S. Employees1950
Federal Workers' Raises1951
Federal Employee Benefits1954
Vetoed Federal Pay Raise1954
Federal Employees Get Another Pay Raise1965
Federal Employees Get 2.9% Pay Increase1966
President Requests Increased Benefits for Federal Employees1966
Federal Workers' Rights1967
Civil Service Retirement1969
Federal Comparability Pay1969
Postal Employees1969
Federal Blue Collar Wages1971
Federal Pay Raise1971
Public Service Employment Funds1971
Age Limits on Federal Service1972
Federal Employees' Benefits1972
Federal Executive Service1972
Federal Health Insurance1972
Hatch Act1972
Public Employees1972
Federal Employee Health Benefits1973
Federal Employees' Privacy1974
Federal Workers Join Social Security System1983
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Federal Workers’ Benefits1985
Honoraria Ban Remains for Federal Workers1992
Scandal Over Fired U.S. Attorneys Grows Out of Democrats' Probes2007
Federal Workers Win Pay Increase2013
New Administration Freezes Agency Hiring, With Exceptions for Military2017