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 Federal Land Management
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Westerners Block Hike in Grazing Fees1991
The Alaska Lands Issue: Our Last Frontier1977
Temporary Public Land Use1983
Senate Passes Strong Land-Use Planning Bill1973
Republicans Fail to Halt New Grazing Rules1995
Reconciliation and Environmental Programs1981
Rangeland Deterioration1976
Rails-to-Trails Bill Clears1988
Public Land Management1976
Public Land Law Review1967
Public Grazing Land Laws1978
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Oregon Lands Bill1983
Polluted-Lands Curtailed1988
Oregon Lands Transfer1983
National Land Use Policy: a Beginning in 19701970
National Land Use Policy Approved by Senate1972
Major Study of Public Land Laws Authorized1964
Land Use Planning1972
Land Management1974
Land Management1975
Land Disputes1971
Land and Water Conservation Act Passed1964
House Panel Takes Step Toward Establishing National Lands Protection Program1999
House Kills Land Use Bill on Procedural Vote1974
House Clears Bill To Increase Federal Land Payments1994
House Approves Land Swaps1987
Hill Begins Reshaping Federal Lands Policy1991
Hill Approves Land Swap1993
Grazing Rules Bill Fizzles in House1996
Federal Lands Issues Prominent2018
Federal Lands Acquisition1989
Federal Land1972
Environmental Impact1975
Conservation Designations1979
Congress Clears Land and Water Conservation Bills1972
Congress Clears Alaska Lands Legislation1980
Attempt To Revamp Fees For Grazing on Federal Land Draws Veto Threat1998
Alaska Land Swaps1997
Alaska Land Claims1970