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 Defense Contracts, Procurement and Accountability
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$22.2-Billion Authorized for Weaponry1974
$35.2 Billion Voted for Defense Procurement1978
Congress Authorizes Controversial ABM Funds1969
Congress Authorizes Defense Funds After Long Debate1970
Congress Backs Cruise Missile Program1977
Congress Backs Ford on Arms Procurement1976
Defense Procurement1979
Defense Procurement and Research Act1964
Defense Procurement and Research Act1965
Defense Procurement and Research Authorization1966
Defense Procurement and Research Authorization1967
Defense Procurement: $20.9-Billion for Fiscal 19731972
Defense Procurement: $21.3-Billion Authorized for FY '741973
Defense Procurement: $21.3-Billion for Fiscal 19721971
Defense Production Act1975
Defense Production Act1977
Defense Spending, Policies Criticized in Congress1969
Extra Funds Approved For Planes, Missiles, Ships1961
Hill Enacts Pentagon Procurement ‘Reforms’1985
Jet Fighters Become the Biggest Battle in Defense Authorization2009
Military Procurement1968
New Rules for Defense Acquisitions2009
Pentagon Reports Shifts in Defense Procurement1962
Procurement ‘Reform’1988
Procurement Commission1969
Renegotiation Act1976
Renegotiation Board1977
Weapons Procurement: $36-Billion1977