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 Defense Appropriations
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Wars Require Second Supplemental2009
War Funds Bill Includes Disaster Aid2007
War Funding, Minus Timelines, Enacted2007
Strategic Arms Top List of Defense Cuts1982
Reagan Defense Plan Given Final Approval1981
President Vetoes War Supplemental2007
President Prevails on War Funding2008
Pentagon's Purchasing Power Drops with Reduced Defense Funds1985
Pentagon Money Bill Sticks to ‘Summit’ Script1988
Pentagon Gets Some Sequester Relief2013
Pentagon Gets Most of Its Wish List1992
Pentagon Gains a Limited Advantage2014
Pentagon Buying Power Falls for Second Year1986
Obama Turns Back Spending Measure2009
No Rush To Restructure Military1991
New Weapons Programs Take Hit2006
More Money, More Weapons OK'd After Debates on Detainees, Biofuels2012
Military Procurement: $25.5-Billion Provided1975
Lengthy Debate on Defense Bill2004
Lawmakers Drag Feet On Cutting Weapons1989
Lawmakers Camouflage Some Defense Funds As “Emergency” Spending2000
Largest Fund Bill Provides Defense $71.9 Billion1968
Largest Defense Bill Since 1943 Passed1966
Goal of Boosting Defense Budget Eludes GOP Lawmakers1995
For Defense, $274.4 Billion in Fiscal 19851984
Fiscal 1974 Defense Supplemental1974
DOD Spending Is Half of the Omnibus2015
Democrats Boost VA Program Funds2007
Defense: Pentagon Bill Goes Sans Senate Markup2017
Defense: Defense Bill Draws on Pentagon Wishes2016
Defense Spending Held to $288 Billion1990
Defense Gets Full Year of Funding2008
Defense Funds: Reductions Continue for Second Year1970
Defense Funds: $117.3 Billion1978
Defense Funds Include $1.7 Billion for Viet Nam1965
Defense Funds1957
Defense Funding Drops by $12.6 Billion1993
Defense Bill Mirrors Request1994
Defense Bill Makes Most of Reagan's Cuts1981
Defense Bill is Largest Money Measure Ever Enacted1967
Defense Bill Enacted Despite Objections1995
Defense Bill Cuts 7 Percent, Removing Funding for the MX Missile Program1982
Defense Bill Clears Minus ‘Readiness’ Funds; Clinton Looks to Supplemental1998
Defense authorization, slowed by partisan fights, clears under wire2013
Defense Authorization, Slowed by Partisan Fights, Clears Under Wire2014
Defense Authorization Survives Setbacks to Reach President's Desk2010
Defense Authorization Measure Largest Enacted Since World War II2007
Defense Authorization Calls For Reduced Force Size, Trims Anti-Missile Spending1998
Defense Authorization Bill Passed With Few Contentious Provisions2016
Defense Authorization Agreement Helped by Increases in Budget Deal2015
Defense Appropriations: $70.5-Billion for Fiscal 19721971
Defense Appropriations Drop to $46 Billion1964
Defense Appropriation1959
Defense Accounts Grow Despite Cap2011
Congress Votes Hefty Increases for Defense1980
Congress Ups Defense Conversion Spending1992
Congress Tightens, Reshapes Defense Budget1987
Congress Sends Ford $82.6-Billion Defense Bill1974
Congress OKs Nation's First $1 Trillion Budget1986
Congress Increases Kennedy Defense Budget1961
Congress Cuts Defense Funds $1.8 Billion1963
Congress Cuts Bush Defense Request1990
Congress Cuts Budget by More Than $55 Billion1985
Congress Clears $73.7-Billion Defense Appropriation1973
Congress Backs Off on B-2, Bosnia1997
Congress Backs Defense Buildup2002
Congress Backs Clinton's Plans To Hold the Line on Defense1994
Congress Authorizes $302.5 Billion for Defense1985
Congress Authorizes $219 Billion for Defense1984
Congress Authorizes $217.4 Billion for Defense1986
Congress Approves Record Defense Appropriations Bill1972
Congress Approves $104.3-Billion Defense Bill1976
Congress Adds Little To Defense Request Despite Criticism of Clinton Policies2000
Clinton Signs Defense Bill Despite Veto Threat1997
Clinton Signs Defense Bill Despite Budget Increase1996
Budget Passed for Reagan Defense Buildup, With Funding for Chemical Weapons Denied1983
Biggest Cut Made in Defense Funds Since Fiscal 19541969
Air Force Funds Raised in Defense Bill1956
After an Impasse, Defense Bill Becomes Law1988
Accounting Tricks Exempt $21 Billion of Defense Bill From Spending Caps1999
$636.4 Billion Defense Bill Clears2009
$90.5-Billion Defense Funding Bill Approved1975
$692.1 Billion Defense Authorization Increases ‘End Strength,’ Adds Warships2017
$430.6 Billion Enacted For Defense2007
$261 Billion Authorized for Defense1993
$254 Billion Defense Bill Clears1992
$187.5 Billion Set for Defense Buildup1983
$15 Billion Defense Program Authorized1963
$13 Billion Pared from '88 Pentagon Spending1987