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 Congressional Ethics
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
“Ethics” Investigation1951
President Kennedy's Message on Conflicts of Interest1961
Committees Air Billie Sol Estes Dealings1962
Baker Case Spotlights Congressional Ethics1963
Miller Ethics Questioned1964
Republicans Attack Conduct of Baker Investigation1964
Senate Rejects Financial Disclosure Rule1964
Joint Committee Set Up to Study Congress1965
Second Report on Bobby Baker Issued, Indictment Filed1965
Senate Committee Studies Charges Against Dodd1966
Adam Clayton Powell Excluded From House; He Files Historic Lawsuit to Regain Seat1967
Senate Censures Dodd for Misuse of Political Funds1967
Ethics Developments1968
Three Branches Involved in Ethics Controversies1969
Accusations of Wrongdoing During 91st Congress1970
House Ethics1970
Congress 1976: Spotlight on Ethics1976
Financial Disclosure1977
House, Senate Adopt New Codes of Ethics1977
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Federal Ethics Standards1977
Carter Signs Government-Wide Ethics Bill1978
Congress Ends 'Koreagate' Lobbying Probe1978
Ethics and Crimes1978
Censure of Rep. Diggs1979
Hill Financial Disclosure1979
Talmadge Denounced1979
‘Abscam’ Scandal Clouded Congress' Image1980
Senators' Legal Defense1980
Groundless Page Sex Charges Prompt Reforms1982
Sen. Williams Resigns, Averts Expulsion1982
Government Ethics Office1983
Two Members Censured1983
Three Members Subject to investigation by Ethics Committee: George Hansen, Geraldine A. Ferraro, and Sen. Mark O. Hatfield1984
Committee Finishes Two of Four Ethics Probes1986
House Democrats Ensnared in Ethics Probes1987
Ethics Concerns Focus on Speaker Jim Wright1988
Scandals Kept Ethics Panels Busy1989
Speaker Wright's Alleged Violations1989
Durenberger Denounced Over Finances1990
Frank Reprimanded for Ties to Prostitute1990
Panel Probes Senators' Aid to Keating1990
Cranston Reprimanded by Senate Ethics1991
D'Amato's Conduct Found ‘Improper, Inappropriate’1991
Hatfield Subject of Ethics, FBI Investigations1991
New Organization of Ethics Committees1991
Scandals Plague Members in First Session1991
Clinton Announces New Ethics Standards1992
Cloud of Scandal Hovers Over Capitol Hill1992
Voters Enraged Over House Bank Abuses1992
Indictments, Convictions Plague Congress1993
Packwood Faces Harassment Charges1993
Rostenkowski Investigated in Stamp Scam1993
Incoming Speaker Gingrich Focus of Investigation1994
Misconduct Charges Plague Members1994
Packwood Ethics Probe Continues1994
Ethics Cases Color First Session1995
Ethics: Panel to Hire Special Counsel in Gingrich Investigation1995
Sen. Packwood Resigns in Disgrace1995
Committees Clarify Ethics Rules1996
Ex-Rep. Tucker Convicted of Fraud, But Most Members Investigated By Ethics Committee Cleared1996
Gingrich Subject of Ethics Probe1996
Congressional Ethics Cases Get Attention in 19971997
Gingrich Case Prompts Ethics Overhaul1997
House Ethics Committee Reconvenes; Panel To Operate Under New Set of Rules1998
House Ends Three-Year Shuster Ethics Case With Grant of Immunity2000
Slow Year for Ethics Investigators2001
Two Veteran Members Leave in Disgrace2002
Ethics Panel Admonishes DeLay2004
House Ethics Panel Unable to Function2005
DeLay's Departure Marks End of Era2006
Lobbying Scandal Leads to Flurry Of Activity, No Significant Change2006
Scandals Plague House GOP2006
Craig, Jefferson Top Ethics Concerns2007
Ethics Panels Spared Major Cases2008
Majority Gains 21 More House Seats2008
Rangel, Burris Top Ethics Concerns2009
Longtime Ways and Means Chairman Rangel Censured for Ethics Violations2010
Waters, Other Ethics Investigations2010
Ethics Offenses Lead to Four Lawmaker Resignations in 20112011
Ethics Panels Resolve Four Inquiries2012
Stock Act Compels Disclosure of Lawmakers' Financial Activity2012
Congress Is Slow to Punish Its Members2015
Former Speaker Hastert Pleads Guilty in Sexual Abuse Hush Money Scheme2015
Investigations Cost Grimm and Schock While Others Also Are Under Clouds2015
Veteran Lawmakers Wrestle With Criminal Cases and Ethics Problems2016
Jury Deadlocks in Menendez Trial2017
Nunes Cleared in Ethics Query2017