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 Congressional Elections
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When 100 Senators' Terms Expire1960
Vitter Loses Louisiana Governor's Race, Forgoes Senate Re-election Bid2015
Two Governors, Four House Seats, Many Mayoralties1973
Turnover in Congress Hits an All-Time Low1988
Three States Hold Special Elections1997
Thirty-Four Senators Elected Nov. 81960
The New Congress: A Small Step to the Right1978
The 1966 Election Results1967
Special House Elections1989
Special Elections Bring No Change to Party Balance in House, Senate2014
Special Election Roundup: GOP Wins Most; Democrats Outperform2017
Senate: Alabama Democrat Doug Jones Scores Upset Victory Over Roy Moore2017
Senate, House, Gubernatorial Results2002
Senate, House & Gubernatorial Results2006
Republicans Win Senate Majority2014
Republicans Keep Three House Seats in 2015 Special Elections2015
Republicans Have a Smaller House Majority That Leans Farther Right2016
Republicans Gain Two Senate Seats in 92nd Congress1970
Republicans Face Tough Job in 19601958
Republicans Break Losing Streak2010
Redistricting Key to House Elections2012
Record Wins Hand House to GOP2010
Rare Combination of Forces Makes ‘94 Vote Historic1994
Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate and House Election Results2012
Politics & Eelections Political Power Shift Dominates 2006, No Ordinary Election Year2006
Parties Split Wins in Special Elections After Ethics-Related Resignations2011
Official 1990 Election Results1990
Off-Year Elections: Slight GOP Trend1977
Off-Year Elections: No National Trend1975
No Party Shifts in 1990 Special Elections1990
No Magic Number, but More Muscle2008
New Congress is Youngest Since World War II1974
New Administration is Catalyst for a Boom in Congressional Vacancies2009
Nevada Waste Site Falls In Election-Year Tussle Over Senate Seat1998
Money, Incumbency Failed To Guarantee Success In 1976 Senate Races1976
Membership Turnover, Party Leaders, Committee Posts1959
Members of the 111th Congress, 1st Session, Governors, Supreme Court, Executive Branch2009
Members of the 110th, 2nd Session, Governors, Supreme Court, Executive Branch2008
Members of the 110th Congress, 1st session -- governors, Supreme Court, executive branch2007
Investigation of Missouri Elections1947
House: Republican Gain of 12, New Count of 244–1911972
House: Republican Candidates Claim Victories in Friendly Territory2017
House Special Elections1991
House Rejects Challenges in Three Seating Disputes1965
House Majority Remains Unchanged2005
House Incumbents Enjoy Record Success Rate1986
House Changes During 81st Congress1950
Gubernatorial, Senate and House Election Results2008
Greater Voter Perception Stimulates New Election Patterns1962
GOP's Comeback Dreams Dissolve1992
GOP Wins Senate Sweepstakes2004
GOP Wave Yields Control of House, Greater Numbers in the Senate2010
GOP Strengthens Hold on House2014
GOP Strengthens Hand, Winning House for Sixth Consecutive Time2004
GOP Gains Only 4 House Seats, 26 Short of Control1968
Federal Elections1961
Federal Elections1960
Elections '71: Short on Clues for Either Party1971
Election Probes1951
Election Probes1952
Election Percentages: 1946–521953
Election ‘92 Results1992
Economic Worries and Discontent with Obama Yield Big GOP Win2014
Democrats, GOP have Mixed Success in 1969 Races1969
Democrats Solidify Senate Majority2012
Democrats Score Net Gain of 38 House Seats1964
Democrats Retain Control, But GOP Gains 5 In Senate, 27 In House1950
Democrats Relieved to Keep Majority2010
Democrats Keep Two Senate Seats; Six Special Elections Held for House2013
Democrats Have Net Gain of Two Senate Seats1984
Democratic Senate Control Assured at Least Until 19681962
Davidson Wins Special House Election in Ohio2016
Contested House Elections1969
Congressional Elections - 19521952
Congressional And Gubernatorial Elections1954
Complete, Official 1978 Election Results1979
Cities Shrink, Still Aid Democrats1997
Blue Collar, Ethnic Vote1970
Ballots Again Cast for Change1993
As Elections Loom, GOP Ardor Gives Way to Pragmatism1996
Alaska Sen. Stevens Loses Re-Election After Conviction on Ethics Charges2008
A Year of Little Turmoil in House Elections1986
A Year of High Turnover on the Hill2007
84th Congress, Second Session: Party Ratios, Party Leaders, Membership Turnover1956
1994 Election Results1994
1985 Elections: New Directions for Parties?1985
1974 Elections: A Major Sweep for the Democrats1974
1970 Elections: Democrats Gain in House and Governorships1970
1966 Elections–A Major Republican Comeback1966
1958 Returns Set Stage for 1960 Battles1958
1957 Off-Year Elections1957
100th Congress: Democrats at the Helm Again1987
'89 Elections: GOP Takeover Hopes Dim1989