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 Committee Assignments and Organization
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Senate Committees of the 81st Congress1949
Committees of the 81st Congress1950
Committees of the 82nd Congress1951
Committees Of The 82nd Congress1952
Officers, Party Organizations1952
83rd Congress Organizes1953
House Committee Assignments1953
House Increases Committee Seats1953
Senate Committee Assignments1953
Senate Committee Membership1953
House Committees1954
Senate Committees1954
Party Ratios, Membership Turnover – 19571957
Party Ratios, Membership Changes, 1957–19581958
Senate Committees, 86th Congress, 1st Session1959
Senate Committees, 86th Congress, 2nd Session1960
Senate Committee “Protest”1963
House Committees, 89th Congress, 1st Session1965
Senate Committees, 89th Congress, 1st Session1965
Reorganization of Congress Proposed1966
Senate Committees, 89th Congress, 2nd Session1966
Legislative Reorganization Act Stalls in House; First Major Reform Bill on Congress Since 19461967
Senate Committees, 90th Congress, 1st Session1967
Congressional Committees1970
Seniority System Challenged in Both Houses1971
Mundt Assignments1972
Seniority: Changes in Procedure, not in Practice1973
Congressional Reforms Made In 19751975
Senate Committees, 94th Congress, First Session1975
Seniority in the 94th Congress1975
House Committees, 95th Congress, First Session1977
Senate Committees, 95th Congress, First Session1977
Senate Reorganizes Its Committees1977
House Committees, 96th Congress, First Session1979
Senate Committees, 96th Congress, First Session1979
House Committees, 97th Congress, First Session1981
98th Opens With Ceremonies, Partisan Fights1983
Committee Posts Important to Members1983
House Committee Assignments, 98th Congress1983
Index of Representatives' Committee Assignments1983
Index of Senators' Committee Assignments1983
Joint Committee Assignments, 98th Congress1983
Senate Committee Assignments, 98th Congress1983
House Committee Assignments, 99th Congress As of May 15, 19851985
Joint Committee Assignments, 99th Congress As of May 15, 19851985
Major Leadership Changes as 99th Convenes1985
Senate Committee Assignments, 99th Congress As of May 15, 19851985
Democrats in Full Control for 100th Congress1986
House Committee Assignments, 100th Congress1987
Index of Senators' Committee Assignments1987
Joint Committee Assignments, 100th Congress1987
Senate Committee Assignments, 100th Congress1987
House Turnover Brings Shifts on Panels1989
Index of Senators' Committee Assignments1989
Representatives' Committee Assignments1989
Representatives' Committee Assignments1991
Senators' Committee Assignments1991
The Committees: Influence and Power1991
Clinton's Win Spurs Rapid Organization1992
Representatives’ Committee Assignments1993
The Committees: Influence and Power1993
Preparations Begin for 104th Congress1994
Representatives' Committee Assignments1994
Senators' Committee Assignments1994
Committee Assignments, House1995
Committee Assignments, Senate1995
Congressional Committees1995
Members Organize for 105th Congress1996
Representatives' Committee Assignments1996
Senator's Committee Assignments1996
Congressional Committees1997
Congressional Committees1997
House Committee Assignments1997
Senate Committee Assignments1997
Senate Restructures Committees2004
DOJ Oversight Ruling Irks Lawmakers2017