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 Characteristics of Members of Congress
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Byrd, the Quintessential Senator 
Biographies of Newly Elected Senators1958
Biographies of Newly Elected Senators1960
Election Sidelights: Political Gambles, Average Ages, Record Vote1962
Average Congressman is 52, Methodist and–a Politician1963
Average Congressman is 53, Methodist and–a Politician1964
Election Sidelights1964
Characteristics of Members of the 89th Congress1965
Characteristics of Members of the 89th Congress1966
Election Sidelights1966
Characteristics of Members of the 90th Congress1967
Characteristics of Members of the 90th Congress1968
CQ Election Sidelights1968
Characteristics of Members of the 91st Congress1970
Election Sidelights1970
Characteristics of Members of the 91st Congress1971
Characteristics of the 93rd Congress, 1st Session1973
Characteristics of Members of 94th Congress1975
Characteristics of Members of 95th Congress1977
Characteristics of the 96th Congress1979
House—Birth Dates, Occupations, Religions, Seniority1981
Senate—Birth Dates, Occupations, Religions, Seniority1981
Characteristics of the 98th Congress1983
Characteristics of the 99th Congress1985
Characteristics of the 100th Congress1987
Characteristics of the 101st Congress1989
House — Birth Dates, Occupations, Religions, Seniority1989
Senate—Birth Dates, Occupations, Religions, Seniority1989
Record Number of Blacks, Women Elected1990
Characteristics of Congress1991
103rd's Hispanic Contingent Largest Ever1992
Women, Minorities Join Senate1992
Characteristics of Congress1993
Characteristics of Congress1995
Characteristics of Congress1997
A Touch of Gray on Capitol Hill2005
Old Boys’ Club With New Twists: Demographics Under New Majority2007
Partisan Jockeying in Advance Of 2008 Election a Constant Theme2007
A Year of Partisanship, Financial Crises and History Made at the Polls2008
A New Democratic Demographic and Shifting Centers of Power2009
Edward M. Kennedy: Liberal Icon and Legendary Legislator2009
Congress Loses Two Party Stalwarts2010
Members of the 111th Congress, 2nd Session, Governors, Supreme Court, Executive Branch2010
Demographic Details Don't Reflect 112th Congress’ Political Reshaping2011
Inouye, President Pro Tem, Dies at 882012
October Revolution: Ryan Replaces Boehner as House Speaker2015
Paul Ryan's Fast Track to Power2015
House Freedom Caucus Helps Define Tense Power Dynamic in Congress2016
Republicans Have a Smaller House Majority That Leans Farther Right2016
Republicans Hold Senate Majority and Gear Up for Supreme Court Battle2016