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 Cancer Research and Treatment
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Congress Clears Bill to Help Women With Cancer; No Progress on Medical Errors2000
Congress Reauthorizes Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Programs, Aid for Women's Cancers1993
Tree Bark OK'd for Use in Cancer Drug1992
Congress OKs Cancer-Screening Grants1990
Saccharin Ban Extended1985
Saccharin Ban Deferral1983
Saccharin Use Allowed1981
Saccharin Ban Moratorium1980
Animal Cancer Research1980
Cancer Research, Ethics1978
Saccharin Ban Delay1977
Congress Clears $2.8-Billion Cancer Bill1974
Cancer Research1972
Cancer Research: $1.59-Billion for Three-Year Program1971
Congressional Quarterly Poll: Cancer Research and Federal Aid for Hostpitals1946
Cancer Research Bill1946