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$225-Million Authorized to Continue Amtrak1972
After Veto, Amtrak Renewed for Two Years1990
Amtrak Bill Clears in Final Hours1997
Amtrak Expansion1971
Amtrak Funding1971
Amtrak Funding Bill Loses Steam2002
Amtrak Reauthorization Enacted2008
Amtrak, Rail Issues1984
Amtrak: Bill Cleared to Strengthen Agency's Authority1973
Bills Seek End to Amtrak Subsidies1995
Congress Approves $200-Million for Amtrak1974
ConRail, Amtrak Subsidies Bill Cleared1976
High-Speed Rail Plan Runs Out of Track1993
N.E. Corridor, Rock Island1980
Senate Bill Rejects Amtrak Privatization2007
Transportation Bill Includes $102-Million for Amtrak1973
Transportation Bill Loses Rail Funds2011