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 Adoption and Child Welfare
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Youth Conference Stressed Strong Government Role1960
Aid to Dependent Children1961
Black Market Adoptions1962
Message to Congress: Kennedy's Feb. 14 Message on Youth1963
Black Market Adoptions1964
Message to Congress: Johnson on Children and Youth1967
Aid to Children1968
Child Support Payments1975
Adoption Subsidy Proposal1977
Adoption Aid, Child Welfare1980
Missing Children Legislation1982
Child Support Payments1983
Child Support Enforcement1984
Missing Children's Bill1985
Children's Aid Bill Stalls1990
Child Welfare Overhaul1991
Child Welfare Bill Victim of Tax Veto1992
Hill Gets Tougher With Deadbeat Parents1992
Adoption Bias, Energy Aid, Poverty Issues Considered1993
New Entitlement Program For Troubled Families1993
Elements of Child-Support Bill Pass1994
House Passes Adoption Assistance Bill1996
Adoption Bill Stresses Child's Safety1997
Lawmakers Clear Two Bills Aimed at Better Enforcement Of Child Support Payments1998
Congress Doubles Federal Aid for Teens Who Must Leave Foster Care at Age 181999
House-Passed Bill to Help Families Keep Child Support Payments Dies in the Senate2000
Senate Ratifies Pact That Seeks to Protect Children In International Adoptions2000