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 Women's Rights
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Bills Against Pay Inequity Fall Short2008
Women-Owned Businesses1988
Congress Approves Pension 'Equity' Measure1984
Women's Economic Equity Bills Begin Moving1983
New Equal Rights Amendment Fails in House1983
ERA Dies Three States Short of Ratification1982
Capitol Hill Sex Bias1980
ERA Deadline Extended1978
ERA Deadline Extension1977
Women's Conference1975
Equal Rights: Amendment Passed Over Ervin Opposition1972
House Passes Equal Rights Constitutional Amendment1971
Equal Rights for Women Amendment Dropped in Senate1970
Equal Pay Act for Women Enacted1963
Equal Pay Act1962
Equal Rights1953
Equal Rights Amendment1950
Equal Pay for Equal Work1950
Equal Pay for Women1948
Women's Equal Pay Bill1946
Equal Rights Amendment1946