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 Urban Development
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Other Regulatory Efforts: Mixed Results2017
Urban Aid Measures Fail Despite Riots' Impetus1992
Cities Seek Help From Congress1992
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposal for Urban Policy1978
Countercyclical Aid Dies; Key Urban Program1978
$12.5-Billion Urban Aid Authorization Voted1977
Aid to New York1976
Congress Approves Loans for New York City1975
Rules Committee Kills Housing-Urban Development Act1972
Urban Development Programs1971
Community Development: Senate, House Hold Hearings1971
Housing, Urban Development1969
Congress Studies Urban Proposals, Extends Hud Act1969
Message to Congress: Johnson on Cities1968
Model Cities, Rent Supplement Funds Cut Deeply1967
Kennedy (N.Y.) Housing Bills1967
54 Democratic, 9 GOP Districts Get Model City Funds1967
Problems of The Cities Highlighted1966
Housing, Demonstration Cities Bill Enacted1966
Housing Act Expands Existing Programs1964
Administration Wins Victory on Housing Bill1961