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 United Nations
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Presidential Address to U.N.: Clinton calls for 'new era' of peace and economic oppurtunity1997
U.N. Peacekeeping Proves Risky1993
Presidential Address: Clinton Calls For Honest Look At U.N.'s Global Challenges1993
Overdue United Nations Funding Approved1990
United Nations Funding1988
Presidential Address to U.N. : Reagan's 1985 United Nations Address1985
Presidential Address to U.N.: Carter Discusses Arms Race, Economic Justice, Human Rights1977
Presidential Statement: Ford's United Nations Report to Congress1975
United Nations Building1970
UN 25th Anniversary1970
Ratification of U.N. Charter Amendments1965
Message to Congress: Johnson's Request for UN Charter Revision1965
President Asks Authority for UN Bond Purchase1962
Loan to United Nations Authorized1962
President Kennedy's United Nations Disarmament Address1961
Message to Congress: Eisenhower's United Nations Report1958
UN Charter Revision1954
United Nations Resolution1948
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations1945
United Nations Charter1945
Message to Congress: Truman on United Nations Charter1945