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 Unemployment and Unemployment Benefits
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Jobless Benefits Extension Bill Fades2014
Congress Extends Jobless Benefits2012
Stalemate Over Jobless Benefits2011
Aid for Displaced Workers Extended2011
Federal Unemployment Benefits Extended After Yearlong Conflict2010
Unemployed Get Expanded Benefits, with Short Extension into New Year2009
House Passes $154 Billion Jobs Bill2009
Unemployment Benefits Extended2008
Unemployment Benefits Extended2003
Jobless Benefits End for Millions2002
Jobless Benefits Get Two Extensions1993
Unemployment Bills Extend Benefits1992
Unemployment Benefits Extended1991
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Message on Structural Unemployment1983
Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Bill1978
Full Employment Bill1976
Congress Revises Jobless Benefits System1976
Jobless Benefits Revision1975
Jobless Benefits Extension1975
Unemployment Aid1974
Emergency Jobs, Jobless Aid Enacted, Funded1974
House Vote Kills Legislation Raising Minimum Wage1972
Emergency Unemployment1972
Unemployment Funds1971
Unemployment Compensation1971
$2.25-Billion Approved for Emergency Employment1971
Unemployment Compensation And Benefits Extended1970
Unemployment Compensation1969
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Asks for Broader Unemployment Coverage1969
Unemployment Compensation Changes Die in Conference1966
Message to Congress: Kennedy Calls for Unemployment Compensation Reform1963
Committee Issues Unemployment Recommendations1960
Unemployment Study1959
Unemployment Law Revision1959
Unemployment Benefits1959
Unemployment Benefits1958
Unemployment Study1950
Higher Unemployment Compensation1946
Message to Congress: Truman on Unemployment Compensation1945
Federal Supplement to State Unemployment Compensation1945