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 U.S. Relations and Policy: Iran
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Trump Signs Sweeping Sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea2017
Senate Blocks Further Iran Sanctions2016
Unable to Block Nuclear Deal with Iran, Congress Gives Itself Review Authority2015
Netanyahu Says Nuclear Agreement with Iran is ‘A Very Bad Deal'2015
Targeting Iran Via Trading Partners2009
Senate Action Stalls on Bill To Penalize Russia for Aiding Iran in Arms Development1999
Clinton Vetoes Iran Sanctions But Vows To Punish Russians For Aiding Iranian Military1998
Law Hits Trade With Iran, Libya1996
Task Force Says No Secret Hostage Deal1992
Presidential Address: Reagan On Arms Shipments to Iran1986
Hostage Compensation1985
Presidential Statement: Reagan Outlines Iran Claims Settlement1981
Presidential Statement: Carter Reports on U.S.-Iran Agreement on Release of American Hostages1981
Text of Debate Between Carter and Reagan1980
Reagan Buries Carter in a Landslide1980
Presidential Address: Reagan to Congress on Iran Hostage Rescue Mission1980
Iran Rescue Mission1980
Intelligence Failures in Iran1979
Carter's First Year: Setbacks and Successes1977
Transcript of Second Ford-Carter Debate1976
Iranians At Naval Academy1973
Iranian Students1950