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The President's Fiscal 2017 Request By Department and Major Agency2016
Obama Proposes New Federal Budget Roundly Criticized by Republicans2016
Despite Promises of ‘Regular Order’ Budget Process Still Hand to Mouth2016
The President's Fiscal 2016 Request by Department and Major Agency2015
Spending Time Under Sequestration2015
Obama Proposes New Federal Budget to End ‘Mindless Austerity’2015
GOP and Obama: Un-Reconciled2015
Congress Completes Budget Resolution for First Time in Six Years2015
A ‘Pumpkin Pact’? Budget Agreement Reached the Day Before Halloween2015
With Sequester Threat on Horizon, Obama Budget Pitched as Alternative2012
Highlights of Obama's Fiscal 2013 Budget Request2012
Congress Delays Spending Bills, Extends Funds Through March 20132012
Budget Plan Top Line Divides Parties2012
Annual Spending Bills Languish2012
Partisan Gridlock Slows Pace of Spending Bills, Forces Seven CRs2011
Parties Face Off Over Fiscal 2011 Bills2011
Parties Clash on Finance Overhaul2011
FY 12 Bills Bundled After CR Fight2011
Congress Opts to Tighten Own Belt2011
Conferees Spare Some Key Accounts2011
Appropriations Bills for Fiscal 20112011
Agriculture Funds OK'd in Minibus2011
Medicaid, Education Spending Clears2010
Funding for Afghanistan, Iraq Wars2010
Democrats Make Little Headway on Spending Bills, Instead Pass Four CRs2010
Border Security Clears During Recess2010
Action Aborted on all FY 2011 Bills2010
Financial Services Bill Part of Omnibus2009
Debt Limit is Raised To $9.8 Trillion2007
Fiscal Year 2003: Treasury-Postal Service2003
Treasury Bill Draws Veto Threats2002
Treasury Bill Skirts Usual Fights2001
Treasury-Postal Bill Clears After First Version Falls To Presidential Veto2000
Treasury-Postal Service Bill Includes Pay Raise for Next White House Resident1999
Treasury-Postal Bill Stalls Despite Second Conference; Clears in Year-End Package1998
Treasury Bill Goes Down to the Wire1997
Clinton Add-Ons Fatten Treasury Bill1996
Shutdown Spurs Accord on Treasury Bill1995
Hill Passes Trim Treasury-Postal Bill1994
Treasury Spending Bill Looks Familiar1993
Treasury/Postal Bill Survives Battles1992
Coin-Redesign Lobbying Efforts Fail1990
Treasury, Postal Funding Targets Customs Budget1989
Treasury, Postal Funding Equals $16 Billion1988
Treasury, Postal Service Funding: $15.1 Billion1987
Vetoed Treasury/Postal Bill Included in ‘CR’1985
Treasury-Postal Funding Placed in Stopgap Bill1984
Treasury/Postal Service Bill Fails to Clear1983
Treasury, Postal Funds in Continuing Measure1982
Treasury/Post Office Funds1981
Treasury-Postal Funds1980
Treasury, Postal Appropriations Bill1979
Treasury Cash Requirements1979
Treasury, Postal Funds1978
Treasury, Postal Funds: $8.3-Billion1976
Treasury-Postal Service: Executive Office Funds Cut1973
Treasury Bills1973
Dollar Devaluation: 10 Per Cent Devaluation Approved1973
Federal Financing Bank1972
$5-Billion for Treasury, Postal Service in Fiscal 19731972
$4.5-Billion Cleared for Treasury, Postal Funding1971
Post Office and Treasury Receive $9.5 Billion1970
Treasury-Post Office Funds1969
Eisenhower Dollars1969
Treasury-Post Office Funds1968
Silver Certificates1967
Treasury-Post Office Funds1966
Treasury-Post Office Funds1965
First Major Change Made in Coin System1965
Treasury-Post Office Funds1964
Treasury-Post Office Funds1963
Treasury-Post Office Funds1962
Treasury-Post Office Funds1961
Treasury-Post Office Funds1960
Treasury-Post Office1959
Treasury-Post Office1958
Treasury-Post Office1957
Treasury-Post Office1956
Treasury-Post Office1955
Treasury, Post Office1954
Treasury-Post Office1953
Treasury-Post Office1952
Treasury–Post Office1951
Treasury–Post Office1949
Treasury–Post Office1948
Treasury - Post Office Appropriation1947
Treasury - Post Office Appropriation1947
Treasury, Post Office Department Appropriation, 19471946
Treasury, Post Office Appropriation, 19471946
Appropriation for Treasury and Post Office, 19471946
Treasury and Post Office Department Appropriation1945
Treasury and Post Office Appropriation, 19461945