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 Tax Law Reform
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
GOP Enacts Sweeping Tax Overhaul, Handing Trump Big Legislative Victory2017
Budget Resolutions Begin Process For Tax Overhaul, Health Care Changes2017
Congress Talks About Tax Changes But Leaves Action for Another Day2016
Congress Extends Tax Breaks Worth $680 Billion as Part of Omnibus2015
Tax Break Package Gets a New Lease on Life2014
Democrats Split on How to Deter Tax Avoidance Schemes2014
Foes Halt Bipartisan E-Sales Tax Bill2013
Last-Minute Deal Averts Fiscal Cliff, Punts Big Issues to New Congress2012
Tax-Withholding Repeal Wins Support2011
Payroll Tax Cut Gets Short Reprieve After Standoff Goes Down to Wire2011
Broad Unity on Tax Reporting Repeal2011
White House, Lawmakers Agree on Extension of Bush-Era Tax Cuts2010
Tax Extenders Clear in Lame Duck2010
Offsets Stall Tax Break Extensions2009
Obama's First Budget Departs from Bush's Tax, Spending Priorities2009
Homebuyer Credit Extended Twice2009
Stimulus Bill Provides Tax Rebates2008
Hill Does Battle Over Tax ‘Extenders'2008
Details of the Tax Package2008
Short-Term AMT 'Patch' Enacted2007
Bush Scores Win on Tax Cuts2003
Partisanship Proves Too Big An Obstacle in the Effort To End ‘Marriage Penalty’2000
GOP Offers Party-Defining Tax Cut Proposal; Clinton Responds With Veto1999
Clinton Signs Into Law IRS Overhaul Bill That ‘Respects Taxpayers’1998
Reconciliation Package: Tax Cuts1997
IRS Overhaul Sails Through House1997
Lawmakers Debate Flat Tax For D.C., Taxpayer Bill of Rights1996
Bush Vetoes Year's Second Tax Bill1992
Deficit-Reduction Bill Has ‘New Taxes’1990
Congress Enacts Sweeping Overhaul of Tax Law1986
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Tax Bill Letter1985
Presidential Address: Reagan Proposes Federal Tax Reform1985
Economic Development Administration (EDA) and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Survive1985
Tax Increases Meet Deficit Reduction Target1982
Congress Enacts President Reagan's Tax Plan1981
Presidential Statement: Carter's Tax Reform Proposals1978
Congress Approves $18.7 Billion Tax Cut1978
Presidential Statement: Ford's 1977 Tax Cut Proposals1977
Tax Bill Cleared: A ‘Legislative Miracle’1976
House Passes Wide-Ranging Tax Revision Bill1975
Congress Votes Largest Tax Cut in History1975
Tax Reform: Hearings But No Action In 19731973
Value Added Tax1972
Nixon Tax Plan Enacted After Major Partisan Clash1971
Congressionally Initiated Tax Reform Bill Enacted1969
United States Commission on Civil Rights Urges Political Parties To Bar Discrimination1968
Tax Reductions and Reforms Enacted1964
Congress Enacts Major Tax Law Revisions1962
Revision Of Internal Revenue Laws1954
Tax Reduction1948
Income Tax Reduction1947