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 Supreme Court Overview
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Contentious Cases Fill Court's Docket2017
Shorthanded Court, Divided Opinions2016
Former Virginia Governor's Conviction Overturned by Supreme Court2016
Other Closely Watched Cases1997
1997 Supreme Court Decisions1997
1996 Supreme Court Decisions1996
Conservatives Dominate High Court1995
Supreme Court Cautious, Pragmatic1994
High Court Stays Its Conservative Course1993
Centrist Base Emerges on Court1992
High Court Executes Conservative Agenda1991
Justices Left Many Issues to Lawmakers1990
Supreme Court Moves Sharply to Right1989
Special Report: 1988 Supreme Court Action1988
Supreme Court Decisions, 1986–87 Term1987
Deeply Divided Court Poised at Crossroads1987
Supreme Court Decisions, 1985-86 Term1986
Supreme Court Decisions, 1984–85 Term1985
Major Decisions, 1983–1984 Term1984
Major Decisions, 1982–1983 Term1983
Stand-Pat Supreme Court Defers to Others1981
Major Decisions, 1981–1982 Term1980
High Court's 1979–80 Term Defies Label1980
Supreme Court Ends a ‘Liberal’ Term1979
The Court's Year: Centrist, Shifting Alliances1978
Supreme Court Case Review1978
Major Decisions1977
High Court Rulings Show Few Clear Trends1977
Four Justices Voice Views of Supreme Court1975
Nixon Justices Set Tone of Judicial Restraint1974
The Supreme Court in 1973: Still Independent and Equal1973
The Nixon Court: ‘To Interpret, Not Make, Law’1972
Warren Court Record, Burger Opinions Compared1969
1968-69 Term Another Year of Controversy for Court1969
The Supreme Court 1967–68—The Term in Review1968
The Supreme Court 1966–67 — The Term in Review1967
1965-66 Supreme Court Highlights1966