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 Space Exploration and NASA: General
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Congress Moves Toward NASA Bill That Would Set Mars as a Goal2016
Bill Restructures NASA Programs, Boosts Commercial Spaceflight2010
House Gives Strong Backing to Space Station Alpha1995
Space Station at Heart of Program Controversy1991
Overhaul Ordered for Space Station Design1990
Shuttle Disaster Spurs Space Program Review1986
Militarization of Space1986
Garn and Nelson Become First Members of Congress to Participate in Space Flight1985
‘Supergrade’ Bonuses1980
U.S.-Soviet Science Agreements1972
Short Takeoff, Landing Craft1969
Biosatellite Program1969
Apollo Spacecraft Fire1968
1968—The Year in Review1968
Johnson Treaty on Outer Space1967
Major 1964 Space Shots1964
NASA Authorization1962
Space Programs1961
Other NASA Bills1961
U-2 Incident Wrecks Paris Summit Meeting1960
Space Legislation1960
Action on Space Reorganization Proposals1960
1959 Developments in Space Race1959
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Recommends Establishment of Space Agency (NASA)1958
Congress Establishes Civilian Space Agency1958