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 Space Exploration and NASA: Authorizations & Appropriations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Commerce-Justice-Science: House Cardinal Presses NASA Funding2017
Ambitious Mission Set for NASA In First Reauthorization in Years2017
Commerce-Justice-Science: Gun Check Plan Blocked, NASA Pruned2016
Census, Law Grants Receive Increases2014
Census, Law Grants Receive Increases2013
Senate Seeks Disaster Aid for NASA2006
NASA Reauthorization Aims for Mars2005
Justice Gets a Boost in Commerce-Justice-State Bill2005
NASA Gets Help From Bush, DeLay2004
Congress Debates NASA's Future2004
Vets Win More Health Funding2003
Fiscal Year 2003: Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development2003
Lean Times for VA-HUD Bill2002
VA-HUD Funds Grow $4.4 Billion2001
NASA's 1st Reauthorization Since 1992 Includes Curb On Space Station's Cost2000
Despite Progress in Both Chambers, NASA Funding Authorization Remains Stalled1999
Compromise Boosts Funds For Veterans' Health Care, Provides Hurricane Relief1999
Housing Policy Overhaul Gets Ride to Enactment On Spending Bill For Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development1998
Congressional Anger Over Russia's Space Station Role Snags NASA Authorization1998
VA-HUDBill Revamps Housing Subsidies1997
House Panels Advance Several Science-Related Bills1997
Lawmakers Remain at Odds Over NASA Authorization1996
Bill for Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development Enjoys Bipartisan Support1996
Funding Cuts Prompt Veto of Bill for Veterans Affairs (VA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD)1995
Tempers Flare Over Appropriations and Special Projects for Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development1994
No Accord on Reauthorizing NASA1994
Highlights of President's Budget: Education and Fighting Crime Are Priorities As Science, Space Exploration and Highway Safety Face Cuts1994
House Passes NASA Authorization Bill1993
Porky Appropriations for Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development1992
NASA Funding Includes Space Station1992
Multi-Year NASA Reauthorization Signed1991
NASA Cuts Slow Ambitious Plans1990
Space Station Funding1989
NASA Authorization Bill Fails to Clear in ‘891989
$11.2 Billion NASA Authorization Bill Cleared1988
NASA Gets $9.57 Billion Authorization1987
Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Related Agencies Get $57 Billion for Fiscal 19881987
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan On Six Pocket Vetoes1986
NASA Authorization1986
NASA Authorization1985
President Signs NASA Authorization Measure1984
NASA Authorization1982
$46.9 Billion for HUD, Independent Agencies1982
NASA Authorization1981
Federal Disaster Relief1980
NASA Authorization1979
NASA 1979 Supplemental1979
HUD-Independent Agencies1979
NASA Authorization1978
NASA Authorization1977
HUD, NASA, Veterans1977
Space Authorization1976
$49.3-Billion Approved for Housing and Urban Development, NASA, Veterans, Funding Community Development, Selective Service, and Research1975
$3.6-Billion NASA Authorization Voted1975
NASA Authorization: $3.3-Billion Voted1974
NASA Authorization: $3.1-Billion for Fiscal 19741973
Congress Votes $19-Billion For HUD, VA, NASA Programs1973
NASA Authorization: $3.4-Billion for Fiscal 19731972
Funds: $20.1-Billion for HUD, VA, NASA, Other Agencies1972
NASA: $3.3-Billion Authorized for Fiscal 19721971
HUD, VA, NASA, Other Agencies: $18.3-Billion for 19721971
Congress Authorizes $3.4 Billion for Space Agency1970
Compromise HUD, NASA, Offices Bill Passed after Veto1970
NASA Authorization1969
NASA Authorization1968
NASA Appropriations1967
Congress Trims Space Authorization Below $5 Billion1967
Space Authorization Dips Again1966
NASA Authorization1965
Independent Offices Bill Gives NASA $5,250,000,0001964
$5.2 Billion Authorized for NASA1964
Cut in NASA Funds Highlights Independent Offices1963
Action on HR 75001963
$5.3 Billion Authorized for NASA; Moon Race Criticized1963
Congress Authorizes $1.8 Billion for Space Programs1961
NASA Funds Authorization1960
Space Funds Authorized1959
First Supplemental, 19601959