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 Smoking and Tobacco Use
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Agriculture: E-Cigarette Language a Point of Contention2017
FDA Authorized to Regulate Tobacco2009
FDA's Role Scuttles Tobacco Bill2003
While Congress Debates Bill, Court Rules Against FDA's Power To Regulate Tobacco1998
Presidential Statement: Clinton Details Five Key Elements For Teen Smoking Legislation1997
Passions Run High as Congress Wades Into Tobacco Issue1997
Presidential Statement: Clinton Announces Action to Combat Teen Smoking1995
Added-Nicotine Controversy Draws Anger, No Action1994
House-Passed Bill Imposes Smoking Restrictions1993
Antismoking Bills Fail To Reach Floor1990
‘Fire-Safe’ Cigarettes1990
Transportation Bill Bans Most Airline Smoking1989
New Smoking Report Links Addictive Quality of Nicotine to Cocaine, Heroin1988
Smokeless Tobacco Warnings1986
Limiting Smoking1985
Health Warning Labels1985
New Cigarette Labels1984
Cigarette Labeling1983
Industry-Backed Tobacco Bill Cleared1982
Cigarette Labeling1982
Illegal Cigarette Sales1978
Little Cigar Broadcast Ban1973
Cigarette Regulation1972
Ban on Cigarette Radio and TV Advertising Enacted1970
House and Senate Disagree on Cigarette Ad Bill1969
Executive Branch Steps up Antismoking Efforts1967
Health Warning Required on Cigarette Packs1965
Smoking Linked to Disease; Government Action Delayed1964
Tobacco Acreage1951
Cigarette Tax1949