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 Rule Formalization
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Majority Changes House Rules2011
Strict Gift Restrictions Adopted1995
Senate Rules Shape the Struggle for Power1987
Democrats Make Changes in House Rules1983
Changes in Senate Rules Recommended1983
‘Sunset’ Legislation1980
Sunset Legislation1978
Senate Filibuster Rule1977
House Rules Changes1974
House Votes 233–185 to Repeal 21-Day Rule; Senate Defeats Move to Revise Cloture Rule1967
House Rules1967
House Rules1966
Senate Cloture Rule1965
House Rules Changes Enhance Majority Rule1965
Senate Rules Changes1964
Minor Senate Rules1963
Senate Rules Unchanged1961
Senate Rules Change1959
Senate Rules1957
House Committee Rules1955
Senate, House Vote on Rules1953
House Rules Change1951
House Rules Change1950
House Rules Change1949
House Rules Committee1945