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 Refugees and Asylum
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Senate Blocks Conservative Demand for Restrictions on Some Refugees2015
Religious Persecution Bill Overcomes 11th-Hour Snags On Way to Enactment1998
House Shelves Persecution Bill1997
Bills Address Problem Of Asylum Overload1993
Bush Stance Unyielding on Haitian Refugees1992
Refugee, Asylum Policy Under Fire in 19891989
Bush Vetoes Bill to Shield Chinese Students in U.S.1989
Refugee Program Authorized1986
Sanctuary for Salvadorans1985
Refugee Assistance1985
Refugee Resettlement Funds1984
Refugee Entries Up in 19841984
Refugee Program Renewal, 1984 Levels1983
Refugee Program Renewed1982
Refugee Admissions Pared1982
Presidential Statement: Reagan Immigration/Refugee Policy1981
Congress Grapples With Immigration Issues1981
Refugee Assistance1980
Bill Cleared to Triple Refugee Admissions1980
Refugee Education Aid1979
Indochinese Refugees1977
Laotian Refugee Aid1976
Indochina Refugee Aid1976
Congress Approves Indochinese Refugee Aid1975
Vietnam Orphans1972
Laotian Refugees1970
Vietnam Refugees1968
Cuban Refugees1966
Refugee Assistance1962
Refugee Assistance1961
President Kennedy's Message on Refugee Programs1961
Refugee Immigration1960
Refugee Relief1955
Refugee Act Amendments1954
Refugee Visas1952
Liberalizing DP Law1950
Displaced Persons1948
Citation of Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee and Corliss Lamont1946