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FISA Reauthorization Is Tied Up By Concerns Over Privacy2017
State Privacy Laws Pre-Empted2003
No Consensus on Hill For Bill to Protect Privacy Of Online Consumers2000
Congress Makes Attempt To Tackle Medical Privacy, Although No Laws Result2000
In Absence of Legislative Action on Medical Privacy, HHS Rules To Take Effect1999
Family Privacy1995
Video Rentals Privacy1988
Communications Privacy1986
Medical Records Privacy1980
Presidential Statement: Carter Privacy Protection Proposals1979
Privacy Report1977
Student Records1974
Privacy Act1974
Freedom of Information Veto Overridden1974
Select Committee on Privacy1972
Bank Account Privacy1972
Senate Hearings on Invasion of Privacy1971
Federal Workers' Privacy1968
Freedom of Information Bill Enacted1966
Committees Study Invasion of Privacy1966
Subcommittees Examine Federal Invasion of Privacy'1965