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 Presidential Elections
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Vice President Pence argues for a second term for President Trump2020
President Trump: America's greatness depends upon his reelection2020
Kamala Harris accepts the Democratic Party's nomination for vice president2020
Joseph R. Biden Jr. accepts his party's nomination for president2020
Trump Touts ‘America First’ In First Address as President2017
Populist Promises, Not Policy Ideas Paved Trump's Path to Presidency2016
New Chief Executive: The Unlikely Leads the Uncertain Into the Unknown2016
Five Senators Enter Presidential Race, Four Still in at Year's End2015
Youth, Women, People of Color Give Obama Decisive White House Win2012
Ryan: Romney Can Turn Us Around2012
Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate and House Election Results2012
Obama: A Choice Between Visions2012
Biden Talks of First-Term Victories2012
A Call to Restore America's Promise2012
‘Tonight, You Voted for Action’2012
‘The Nation Chose Another Leader’2012
In Inaugural Address, Obama Vows to Commit to 'Remaking America'2009
Obama Cheers ‘Yes, We Can' Spirit2008
McCain Concedes Presidential Race2008
McCain Embraces the ‘Good Fight'2008
Gov. Palin Defends Her Credentials2008
‘We Are a Better Country Than This'2008
Biden Talks of Family, Dignity, Change2008
Obama Upsets Clinton for Nomination2008
Obama Scores Decisive Victory to Be the First African-American President2008
'Maverick' McCain Wins GOP Nod2008
Presidential Election: Voters Hand Clinton a Second Term1996
Bush Victory Fits 20-Year Presidential Pattern1988
Landslide Victory by Reagan Underscores Democratic Ills1984
Election Projections1984
Official 1980 Presidential Election Results1980
1972 Presidential Election Results1972
House Votes for Direct Election of President1969
Final 1968 Presidential Election Results1969
Politics in 1967: Presidential Election Maneuvers; War and Riots Preoccupy Nation; GOP Continues Gain1967
History, Conditions of the 15 Presidential Primaries1967
State-by-State Presidential Election Returns, 1856-19601960
Kennedy Wins 1960 Presidential Election in Closest Race of the 20th Century1960
A Century of Presidential Elections1960
Eisenhower-Nixon Re-Elected, Democrats Keep Congress1956
The Presidential Election–19521952