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 Postal Service
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
No Fix Found for Postal Service2013
Accord on USPS Need, Yet No Result2012
Revamp of Postal Service Weighed2011
Postal Service Overhaul, Long in The Works, Clears at End of Session2006
Bush Threatens to Veto Postal Service Overhaul Citing Hidden Benefit Costs Not Included in Deficit Reporting2005
Postal Service Overhaul Dies2004
Postal Subsidies Posed Difficult Issue1991
Postal Service Changes1989
Deceptive Mail Curbs1989
Post Office ‘Off Budget’1988
Postal Service Pay1984
Postal Service Reductions1981
Postal Subsidies1980
Postal Subsidy Increase1979
Postal Service Safety1979
Postal Reform Bill Dies1978
Postal Service Reform1977
Postal Arbitration Board1977
Congress Approves Subsidy for Postal Service1976
House Votes For Controls Over Postal Service1975
Postal Rate Adjustments1974
Postal Service Authorization1973
Postal Rates1972
Postal Service Property1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Message on Postal Reorganization1970
Congress Clears Landmark Postal Reorganization Plan1970
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Proposes Postal Reform1969
Postal Reform1969
Postal Rate Increase1957
Postal Rates, Postal Pay Hikes1954
Postal Rate Increases1951
Restore Full Postal Service1950
Reclassification of Salaries in the Postal Service1945