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 Omnibus Budget Bills
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Labor-HHS-Education: Boost for NIH Is Endorsed by Lawmakers2017
Fiscal 2018 Efforts Slow to Start; CR Punts Final Decisions Past December2017
Fiscal 2017 Omnibus in Depth: Details by Appropriations Title2017
Congress Passes Fiscal 2017 Omnibus That Sidesteps Government Shutdown2017
Completion of Fiscal 2017 Omnibus Nearly Bumps Into Fiscal 2018 Rampup2017
$692.1 Billion Defense Authorization Increases ‘End Strength,’ Adds Warships2017
Unable to Agree Even on an Omnibus, Congress Resorts to a Post-Election CR2016
Transportation-HUD: Short Road for Transportation-HUD2016
State-Foreign Operations: Foreign Aid Bill Stalled After Starting2016
Short-Term CR Includes Milcon-VA2016
Military Construction-VA: Drama Stalks Popular Milcon-VA Bill2016
Labor-HHS-Education: Labor-HHS Bill Corralled in Committee2016
Interior: Interior Bill Is Again a Battleground2016
Homeland Security: Homeland Bills in Legislative Limbo2016
Financial Services: Financial Services Bill Survives Riders2016
Energy-Water Development: Energy-Water Bill Stalled by Discord2016
Defense: Defense Bill Draws on Pentagon Wishes2016
Continuing Resolution Provisions2016
Commerce-Justice-Science: Gun Check Plan Blocked, NASA Pruned2016
Agriculture: More Farm Spending, Fewer Rules2016
Roads, Housing Get Modest Raises2015
Interior Bill Flagged Down on Floor2015
Homeland Bill Takes a Two-Step2015
Financial Services Bill Survives Riders2015
Energy, Water Spending is Increased2015
DOD Spending Is Half of the Omnibus2015
Cybersecurity and Intelligence Bills Cleared with Year-End Omnibus2015
Congress Spends Ahead for VA2015
Budget Deal Helps Foreign Operations2015
Budget Boosted for C-J-S Agencies2015
Budget Agreement with White House Sets the Stage for December Omnibus2015
Agriculture Spending is Trimmed2015
A Big Bill Grows Modestly Larger2015
High Hopes for ‘Regular Order’ End in Yet Another Midwinter Omnibus2014
Symbolic Budget Resolutions Set Stage for Spending Deal, Omnibus2013
Bipartisan Hybrid Bill Finances 20132013
Nine Bills Wrapped into Omnibus2009
Lawmakers Seek to Ease Cuba Travel2008
Increase Goes Toward 2010 Census2008
Democrats Put Off Most FY '09 Bills to Avoid Domestic Spending Cuts2008
Democrats Greet Bush's Last Budget Proposal With Patient Opposition2008
Budget Calls for Domestic Increase2008
Visitor Center is Only Sore Spot2007
Some Hits for Transportation-HUD2007
Mexico City policy holds after battle2007
Lawmakers Revisit Cuba Sanctions2007
Final Bill Omits Oil Lease Provisions2007
Democrats Yield to President Bush On War Funds, Domestic Spending2007
Democrats Fight for Funds in C-J-S2007
Cleaning Up the Leftovers of FY 20072007
Bush's Budget: Opening Salvo in Yearlong Struggle Over Spending2007
A Plan to Boost Domestic Spending2007
Omnibus Bill Wraps Up 20042004
Omnibus Fight Extends Into 20042003
Omnibus Clears Up Fiscal 20032003
Longest Appropriations Cycle in Five Years Ends With Omnibus Spending Bill2000
Legislative Branch Bill's Tortuous Path Ends With Its Inclusion in Omnibus Package2000
Following a Lengthy Immigration Debate, Congress Passes Omnibus Package Securing Funding for Commerce, Justice and State Departments2000
Congress Folds State Department Authorization Into Omnibus Spending Bill1999
After Two Vetoes, D.C. Bill Becomes Vehicle for Omnibus Spending Package1999
Rosy Surplus Numbers Energize Clinton, Congress To Stuff Omnibus Bill1998
Omnibus Spending Package Provides $20.8 Billion In ‘Emergency’ Funds1998
Congress Fails To Agree On Budget Resolution For the Coming Fiscal Year1998
Omnibus FY96 Bill Ties Loose Ends1996
Budget Adopted After Long Battle1990
$603.9 Billion Omnibus Funding Bill Clears1987
The 99th Congress: A Mixed Record of Success1986
$576 Billion Omnibus Funding Bill Approved1986
Omnibus Bills1960
Omnibus Funds Bill1953
Omnibus Fund Plan1951
Omnibus Views of Congressmen1950
Omnibus Funds Bill1950