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 Oil and Gas: Pricing, Profits, and Taxation
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Offshore-Drilling, Keystone Bills Stall2013
Dole Fails to Secure Gas Tax Repeal1996
Natural Gas Decontrol Bill Speeds Through Congress1989
Divisive Natural Gas Bill Scrapped in House1984
Congress Split Over Natural Gas Pricing1983
Oil Deregulation1981
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Oil Import Fee1980
Natural Gas Pricing1980
Landmark Windfall Profits Tax Approved1980
Congress Overrides Veto on Oil Import Fee1980
Windfall Profits Tax1979
Gas Deregulation1976
Oil Import Fees: The First Energy Stalemate1975
Gas Deregulation Issue Considered1975
Energy Tax Bill Stalls in Senate1975
Natural Gas Deregulation1974
Natural Gas Deregulation1973
Permian Basin Cases1968
FPC Issues Permian Basin Natural Gas Ruling1965
Natural Gas Bill1958
Background of 12-Year Controversy Over Gas Bill1958
Natural Gas1957
Natural Gas Bill Vetoed, Campaign Gift Aired1956
Farm Gas Exemption1956
Natural Gas1955
Natural Gas Amendments1950
Natural Gas1949
Natural Gas1948